Almost But Not Quite

Being related to me is full of hazards and pitfalls.  (Just ask Jack and William.  Jason pleads the 5th on this one every time so don’t ask him!)

There is all of the yarn.  (I have a carefully curated collection of lovely yarn, and at least some of it goes with me almost everywhere.)

There are all of those extra trips to church.  (My kids think it is hilarious when other children complain about going to church just once a week.  Seriously – just ONCE a week for ONE hour!) 

There are all of the hikes in the woods.  (William thinks of them as forced marches, and Jack did too at Will’s age). 

There are all of those hippy dippy vegetarian meals I expose them to.   

And then this summer I got a sabbatical and announced that we were going to slow down and mindfully seek God’s presence for 8 whole weeks (when all they wanted to seek was a good WiFi signal).   

So Jason and I thought that this was a perfectly perfect picture of Jack and William to share with you.

See – Jason and I did NOT drag William and Jack to the End of the Earth – we were 2 entire miles away!

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