A Walk on the Wild Side

I love a good tromp through the woods.   Hiking is – of course – about the opportunity to get a little exercise, but it is about so much more.  It is about what I see and smell and hear and feel.

There is so much to take in – to absorb – to delight in – to give God thanks for creating.

The crunch of gravel or the squish of some fresh muddy mud are sounds we often hear on a hike.  The snap of a twig or two as they break under my hiking shoes – the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves on the trees – the call of a bird – the chatter of a squirrel are all blessings of a hike in the woods.

The sounds of the woods are such a wonderful break from life in a modern city filled with cars, cell phones, sirens, and noise.

I love all of the green that I see when hiking.  I am a bit of a “green” junkie.  I could stare endlessly at shades of green, but I do love to hike where there are wild flowers. 

When we hike I regularly torment my beloved, patient family by making them stop what they are doing to look at wild flowers.  (I comfort myself with the knowledge that this is at least cheaper than making them stare at paintings in the Louvre, but I suppose in Paris there would be better wine and really good pastries.  All I can usually offer are bottles of “Louisville” water and almonds.)

Since I have this blog now – I thought I would invite you along for a wild flower sighting expedition in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  (Jason finds it really helpful just to smile and nod a lot.   So feel free to smile and nod – nod and smile.)

Look at those delicate, lacy flowers.  When we hurry by – we miss their beauty.

Check out how striking those blue flowers are – especially against the green.

One perfect daisy.

One little boy (he isn’t perfect – but he is pretty nifty) and one daisy.

Black-eyed Susan’s make me think of my flower beds at home which are filled to over flowing with them, because they are my favorite flowers.

More Black-eyed Susan’s and Queen Anne’s Lace.  Nicely done God – nicely done!

These reminded me of little sunshines.

These were the bluest of blues.

The woods are a jungle of lush ferns up here in the UP.

I snapped these pictures in just a few minutes one afternoon while we hiked in the woods. 

I wanted to remind myself of what I miss when I move through life too quickly or stare at a phone or forget to pay attention to the world around me.

I miss seeing the beauty of the world that God created.  I miss yellow sunbursts and white lace and laughing little boys. 

I miss what really matters.  I think I miss out on living my life when I move too quickly and for what? 

What do we gain when we rush by the flowers and the laughing little boys and the green grass?

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