The Banana Boat

Jason promised Jack that he would take Jack kayaking on Lake Superior during our time in Michigan, but Lake Superior is sort of like a certain 5 year old little boy that I know and love a whole lot.  It has lots of moods, and when it gets worked up it takes it a while to get calmed down.  So on Wednesday during our early morning walk when Jason noticed that the lake was pretty calm, we made plans for Jason and Jack to spend the afternoon kayaking. 

They rented a bright yellow double kayak which William immediately christened the “banana boat.”

William and I took them to the launch site, and they were off in their banana boat for a four hour adventure on Lake Superior. 

William and I headed home for some quiet time before we planned to head into the park for yet another learning program.

As I sat reading and knitting an hour and a half later, I heard the back porch door of our cabin open and in walked Jack! 

Jason and Jack had kayaked all of the way from the launch site to our cabin in less than two hours.

They hung out long enough for me to grab the camera and harass them with a quick photo shoot, and then they were off again to continue their voyage.

William and I were there to welcome them “home” two hours later.

Our intrepid adventurers had kayaked over 5 miles on Lake Superior.

William even stood on the dock cheering and waving his frog and leech catching net to let them know just how much they had been missed.

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