Bows, Arrows and Bonding

On Friday afternoon we headed back into the park for an archery program led by our new best friend in Michigan, park naturalist Bob Wild. 

Every time we attend and participate in one of these wonderful park led programs I am so surprised by how few other people join us.  This time it was just us and two other families which meant lots of bows and arrows for us.

After a little instruction in how to use bows and arrows safely and in how NOT to shoot one another or any passing wildlife – it was time for the arrows to fly and fly and fly.

With Jason’s help William gave archery a try for the very first time. 

Will and Jason made a great team hitting their target with all 6 of their arrows. 

They even got a bullseye, but after his early success William had had his fill of bows and arrows. 

Apparently archery is not going to be William’s sport of choice which honestly gives me profound comfort.  The youngest McFarland son does not need a hobby that comes with really, really pointy weaponry.    

While William and I entertained ourselves by wandering around the area scaring off all of the wildlife by making a huge amount of noise, Jack continued to let the arrows fly for an entire hour.

Jack got to shoot arrow after arrow after arrow and made lots of bullseyes.

After archery we headed to the Park Outpost for ice cream cones for everyone in the family except Jason (the crazy man doesn’t have a sweet tooth and regularly skips dessert). 

William, Jack, and I have to keep our strength up for our next hippy-dippy outing in the park!

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