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Jason and I both grew up in Richmond, Indiana.  We didn’t know each other until high school, but we did a lot of the same things when we were kids.  We share many of the same experiences and memories.

If you ask either one of us to name the best pizza in the world – we will both say “Clara’s.”  (A local pizza place in Richmond.)

If you want to know where the coolest summer enrichment classes were in the 1980’s in Richmond, Indiana – they were at Hayes Arboretum.  I took the gardening classes, and Jason took a variety of classes.  One of which was called “Reptiles and Amphibians.” 

The McFarland sons have been living out their own reptiles and amphibians adventures this week in Michigan.

Our cabin is on Lake Superior, but Lake Superior isn’t what has captivated their interest.  What has them intrigued is the creek two houses away from us.  The creek is filled with frogs and leeches which they have spent hours and hours and hours catching and observing and studying. 

Jack and William have been very busy men!

It is surprisingly difficult to take a picture of a bucket full of frogs and leeches – who knew!

This leopard frog was William’s favorite.  Will named him “Buddy.”

We are strictly catch and release!

We are a multi-generation frogging family.

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