Reflections on Mexico

As we pack our bags and prepare to head for our native soil, I find myself reflecting on our time here in Mexico. 

Here for the record are what we miss the most about home and what we loved most about Mexico.

William misses his best friend Annabelle and his cousin Nic.  He misses his toys, because his selection here has been pretty limited.  He also misses “real” apple sauce, “nice” milk (we drink skim at our house), and corn dogs. 

William’s favorite parts of Mexico were exploring the tide pools with his daddy in Akumal.

William also enjoyed looking for creatures at the Maya ruins.

William did not like all of the long, excruciatingly boring walks, and he wasn’t a big fan of the “strange” food either. 

William thinks that Coca-cola, Ritz crackers, and chocolate chip cookies were fine and dandy though. 

I miss my own kitchen.  It was fun to eat in restaurants, but I want to be the boss of what is on my plate again.  I can’t wait to cook.  Oh how I long for some plain – old sour dough toast.  (I know that making toast isn’t cooking, but for better or worse sour dough toast is my favorite food in the whole wide world.)

I REALLY miss being independent.  I am not used to relying on Jason for so much help, and it was really hard for me.  Emotional support – always – but not for things like the laundry, paying for the groceries, getting my transportation, and sometimes even helping me decide what I am going to eat (if the menu is in Spanish).  Sometimes Jason has even had to translate/talk for me (that was downright painful). 

I have learned some important lessons about myself these past 6 weeks having to depend on Jason for so much.  Apparently asking for help doesn’t come naturally to me, and I prefer to be the boss of stuff – who knew? (Okay – my family tells me that everyone on the planet knows this about me.)

I also missed watching Jack and William play in our yard.  Evenings at our house this time of year are usually spent outside.  Jack kicks the soccer ball around or rides his bike through the neighborhood.  William plays with Annabelle in the backyard or they all ride their scooters in the cul-de-sac.  I miss that noisy, busy, physical activity.  I also miss going for my nightly walks with Jason – 3 miles of walking – talking with just Jason – bliss.  I miss our garden and my flowerbeds.  

My favorite parts of Mexico . . .

This will be hard, because I love so much about life in Mexico.

I loved being able to spend so much time outside.  In spite of the heat, Mexican society is designed to be outside.  Meals are eaten outside.  Families gather outside.  Neighbors gather outside.  Doors are open and so are windows.  They don’t shut themselves off from each other behind closed doors.  They aren’t nearly as into isolation as we Americans are.  They still use their public spaces like town squares and parks for gathering and socializing and enjoying each others’ company.  It was so refreshing to see community still functioning as community rather than the way  we isolate ourselves from one another in the United States.

The green.  I love the lush green.  This part of Mexico is a gardener’s paradise.  Never before in my life have I seen so many different colors of green.  I just can’t get enough of all of the green.  (Winter is so hard for me, because it is so gray.  I struggle every year during the winter.  I hate the gray, blah, dreariness of winter.)  This is the opposite.  It is a riot of green-ness and I just can’t get enough of it.  I find myself just gazing into the green-ness marveling at how awesome it is.

I loved all of the walking.  The cities and towns in Mexico where we stayed had actual sidewalks where we could walk safely.  We walked all over Valladolid.  We walked to all of our meals.  We walked to the grocery store.  We walked to the town square and the park.  We walked to William’s preschool.  We walked to “run” errands.  We walked to the bus depot.  We walked and we walked and we walked.  We walked so much just living our daily lives that we didn’t have to walk for “exercise,” because we had already gotten our exercise.  It was was wonderful.

Jason’s favorite parts of our adventures in Mexico were the Maya ruins and the amazing nature – especially the jungle.  Jason first became intrigued by this part of Mexico when he was younger than Jack is now and he learned about the Maya people and the rainforests.  Ever since then – rainforest conservation, Maya culture, and Maya ruins have been interests/passions.

Jason misses the freedom of being able to choose from all of his books when he is looking for something to read.  (Jason has a LOT of books.  Jason has more books than I have skeins of yarn.)

Jack loved trying all of the different foods in Mexico.  He was very adventurous this trip when it came to dining.  Several times when Jason and I brought Jack back take-away from a restaurant – he just wanted us to “surprise him.” 

Jack also enjoyed exploring the Mayan ruins.  Jack is a climber – adventurer and explorer.  Jack always wants to see what is over there – inside that – up there – etc.  And Jack goes.  Boy – oh – boy does – that son of ours go!

Jack missed his friends, his computer, and privacy.

What an amazing – wild – wonderful adventure we have been on. 

And now for Michigan!  The temperatures in Mexico have been in the upper 90’s for most of our visit.  We leave Mexico tan and hot and a little melty.  The temperatures in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan will be in the 50’s!  Bring on the long sleeves and (the wool hats for me anyway.)

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  1. Know you leave Mexico with mixed emotions. While it is always good in my opinion to get away from the daily grind of our lives, I also find it comforting to know I will be returning to familiar places and people on my return. Your adventures you have written so glowingly about I know will stay with you and your family for many many years. What great adventures the boys will have to remember and talk about. We look forward to seeing you all again. It has been a good early summer, very hot in Louisville with some very high humidity days. Will want to talk with you about the ex-pat communities you discovered. Sounds like a good place for Americans to be at this time in our political landscape here.
    Be safe see you soon.
    PS we had a great VBS- upwards of 40 each evening and good adult support.

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