And Then There Were 19!

Our trip to Mexico has brought all sorts of changes for our family. 

Jason’s Spanish is improving by leaps and bounds. He has actual conversations in Spanish that result in our family getting seats on buses going to the cities we want to go to, and he can do the same thing with taxi drivers too.  He makes things like clean laundry appear every 5 days like magic with only a smile, some Spanish words, and pesos.  He navigates our family of four through strange cities and hasn’t yet “accidentally” misplaced us – though I am guessing that he has been tempted do so so at least 1,000 times by now!  I am in awe of my husband. 

My Spanish, of course, still stinks.  Jack thinks my pronunciation of gracias is absolutely hilariously funny.  I tried to order my own lunch the other day and ended up with not one but two entrees all for myself!  Our waiter must have wondered all day about the VERY hungry American lady.

Jack is far more adventurous than he was the last time he was in Mexico with Jason three and a half years ago.  He tries new foods almost every day, and he is up for a new experience or adventure whenever the opportunity arises.  Just this evening Jason and Jack ate tacos dripping with habanero salsa and lived to tell about it.

This trip to Mexico has changed William too.  William came to Mexico with 20 beautiful, perfect, cute, little baby teeth, but he will be leaving with just 19 teeth.  William lost his first tooth today!

He is very excited and proud of this important development.  He can hardly wait until morning to see if the tooth fairy will bring pesos because he is in Mexico or dollars because he is from the United States of America. 

Jason, Jack, and I are curious about this too.  All three of us lost all of our teeth in the United States of America and have no experience with the tooth fairy and her foreign currency exchange policies. 

We will be sure to keep you posted, because I bet none of you will be able to sleep tonight wondering if it will be pesos or dollars.

PS — The Tooth Fairy exchanged William’s tooth for USD.

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  1. We are really enjoying your posts. Love the pics of rock climbing and family! Not so sure about the snake pics. What wonderful memories you all will have. Congratulations to William on losing his first tooth.

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