We Did It!


William came to Mexico on a mission.  He wanted to see snakes.

We have been accompanied almost everywhere by his new pet snake from Chichen Itza (which has made his skittish mom jump more than once!).

We tried the zoo at Valladolid.  It has all sorts of seriously cool animals, but no snakes. 

So later that week we took a bus trip to Merida to one of the zoos there and took in their impressive den of vipers. 

William enjoyed himself immensely.  He and Jason toured the snake house not once – not twice – but three times during our visit to the zoo.  His favorite snake at the zoo was a huge albino Indian python, because it was massive, terrifying, and ORANGE.  (He liked it almost as much as his Nano’s orange corn snake.)

I hoped that seeing the super, awesome, terrifying, deadly snakes at the Merida zoo might satisfy William’s desire to see a snake in Mexico.  Jason – just smiled one of his knowing, patient smiles – and said nothing.  It was soon very clear that absolutely, positively nothing would satisfy William other than seeing an actual snake in the wild – outside of a zoo.  The boy was on a mission.

After looking and looking and searching and seeking and hoping and hoping – Saturday evening – on our way back to our cabin on the path William and I encountered an honest to goodness SNAKE!  THANKFULLY it was a baby.  William has seen a snake in the wild in Mexico, and we have photographic proof.

I wish that I could say that our snake seeking was over, but sadly no.  Now William wants to find a really BIG snake.  Please don’t wish us luck!

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