Monkeys and Maya Ruins

On Saturday, we were off to explore the Temple of the Lintel and the Temple of the Owl at Dzibanche, but thankfully this time we traveled there by bus.

We have seen lots of lizards in all shapes and sizes.  Stunningly beautiful birds and orange centipedes. 

Impressive ant colonies.  One of which William and I are studying in the following picture.

Frogs, toads, beetles, spiders, and assorted creepy, crawly creatures and on Saturday we saw monkeys.  We saw a family of monkeys in trees that we were standing under and we were NOT in a zoo!  We were all very impressed.

And here is another picture of all four McFarlands smiling at the camera at the same time.

Smiling may not seem like such an amazing feat, but once you know that we were being swarmed by mosquitos the size of bald eagles who drink Deet like it is sweet tea at a 4th of July picnic you will understand how amazing this picture is!

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