Look, Mom – No Hands

I am by nature a rather cautious, careful, level-headed, risk-averse person.   

I wear my seat belt when I move my car the 30 yards from the driveway to the street in front of our house.  I heed warnings.  I never, ever, ever ignore or go around a barricade.  I love to hike, but I do not stand on the edge of anything no matter how impressive the view is.

I like having my feet firmly planted on the ground. 

Risk taking of any sort just isn’t for me.  So I have proof that God really does have a wildly entertaining sense of humor, because God gave Jason and me two sons who see danger and risk taking as part of the fun of being alive.  Jack and William seem to know no fear – or not enough fear – in their mom’s not so humble opinion anyway.

While my friends’ daughters learned to read, my sons removed the books from our bookshelves to climb to the top of them.  William started climbing over the fence in our backyard the summer he was one and a half. He had seen Jack do it, and he was lightning fast.  Our friends thought it was hilarious, but they didn’t have to chase and catch him!  While other children swing on our swing set, mine stand on the top of it.  While our neighbors’ children play inside our backyard shed turned playhouse, Jack hangs out on the TOP of it.

Jack climbs everything that is even remotely climbable, and William is right behind him trying to figure out “how to get up there where Jack is.” 

I hold my breath, pray, and say “get down NOW” a lot.  (When I am in a really bad mood I also threaten Jack with paying his own hospital bills.)

And as always – I am trying to let our sons be who God made them to be (even though I REALLY wish they would stop climbing stuff).

Jack is gutsy, brave, and clearly not afraid of heights, and William wants to be just like his big brother.

There has been a lot of climbing. 

Maya ruins are great for climbing.  Maya ruins have also been a constant reminder to me that my sons are far braver and far more daring than I will ever be!

Is it possible to be too brave? (Please note that Jack’s family are just tiny dots in the distance.  He has climbed far up high away from us – yet again.)

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