A Really Long Walk in the Jungle

After a week at the beach, we arrived safely in the jungle.  We were in hot pursuit of more amazing Maya ruins (Jason and Kerri) and some jungle creatures/terrifying, deadly snakes (William).

We spent our first evening relaxing in the pool, and set off bright and early the next morning for the Maya ruins at Kohunlich.  The resort we are staying at is literally is out in the middle of the jungle so the best way to get to the ruins was to walk there using nothing more than our 8 humble feet. 

Poor William, 2 miles each way on 5-1/2 year old legs seemed to feel like 3,000 miles or that is what he told us over and over and over again anyway! 

After walking for 333 years, we finally made it to the ruins.  We were immediately rewarded with stunningly beautiful views of a beautiful orange bus.

We explored the ruins.

We climbed over, under, inside, up, and through the ruins.

We were amazed by human beings’ ingenuity and even more so by God’s amazing creative talent!  The views literally took my breath away.

Our God is an awesome God.

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