Adventures at Tulum

On Tuesday morning we tortured William by making him skip playing on the beach and in the tide pools for the morning so that we could go to the ruins at Tulum.  To add insult to injury – the taxi Jason had taken great care to arrange for did not arrive so we had to walk an actual 2 kilometers to the taxi depot!  To say that the youngest McFarland was less than thrilled would be the understatement of a lifetime.  After what felt like a thirty-three hour hike uphill the whole way we arrived at the entrance to Akumal Playa at the taxi depot.  Thankfully William had survived the walk and so had the rest of us – barely.

We quickly found a taxi driver who was very, very happy to drive us to Tulum.  I don’t think I have ever seen a taxi driver quite so happy to get a slightly grumpy family of four into his car for a 30 minute drive, because when we approached the taxi depot all of the taxi drivers were busy fixing a huge pothole in the sand road with shovels and their own manpower.  Our “charming” family got him out of of some seriously messy, hard work.  By the time we came home in the afternoon the taxi drivers had repaired the road.  I was very impressed.  I had considered loaning them William, but Jack wouldn’t let me.

Sadly when we arrived at the Tulum ruins – William was confronted with another long walk from the entrance to the actual ruins.  Jack may have told his cruel mom that it was rude to laugh at his brother’s pain and suffering so I stopped.

All of the walking was worth it, because the ruins were absolutely stunningly beautiful.


The Tulum ruins are along the ocean and they took my breath away again and again.  Even William was impressed with the ocean views.

All of this was built by hand – WITHOUT the use of the wheel.

Once we got to the ruins William didn’t mind being there too much, because he engaged in his favorite pursuit at all Maya ruins – iguana counting.  We found lots and lots of impressive iguanas at Tulum. 

Our God has truly created an incredibly awesome world filled with awesome creatures and amazing people and civilizations!

PS The following picture has been included on the blog at William’s specific request for his Mimi and Papa’s enjoyment.  He knew that they would want to see this.  So here is a picture of William in a tree in Tulum, Mexico just for his Mimi and Papa.

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