Guess Who Came to Supper

Jack and William approach life very differently than I do.  I like things neat and orderly.  They both delight in chaos and clutter.  I love a good plan and a carefully prepared to-do list thrills me.  They still fly by the seat of their pants. 

I think a well rounded diet should contain essentials like fruits, vegetables, and water.  William has spent the last two weeks trying very, very hard to convince Jason and me to let him live on chocolate chip cookies, Ritz crackers, and Coke.  Without a doubt – William will spend the next four weeks continuing his regular (hourly) petitions to include Coke and chocolate chip cookies into what Jason and I deem to be “healthy foods” while we just as stubbornly insist on disgusting fruits, vegetables, and water.

I may refuse to give in on things like what I believe are a healthy diet, but William and Jack have changed their mother in truly dramatic – even shocking ways.  Jack even has photographic evidence to prove that I am capable of change!

Last week at Casa Hamaca while we were waiting for our supper to arrive – Jack got a little bored and lifted a board on the stone wall next to his seat.  We all glanced under the board – three of us saw a “leaf,” but Jason, the family observer, said “is that a scorpion?”

“No way,” – said my brain “that was a leaf.  We have NOT been dining for the last week with a scorpion!”

As it turns out – both Jason and I were right.  It wasn’t just one scorpion under that board it was two, and the next morning when we checked again there were three scorpions under the board.

Rather than running for the hills, grabbing an industrial sized-can of Raid, or weeping tears of despair, later that evening William actually talked me into lifting up the board once more to take a peak at the scorpions.  Talk about a major change.

I still think that scorpions are creepy looking.  I will still give them plenty of room.  I still check my shoes carefully for invaders every single time before putting them on, but well – even scorpions are God’s creatures and God said that they were good too.  

Oh how the mighty (arrogant) fall flat on their faces!  About two hours after publishing my post on my newfound appreciation for God’s less cuddly creatures I had another encounter with nature.  We were playing on the beach exploring the tide pools looking at tiny fish, searching for hermit crabs, and celebrating William’s talent for eel spotting when we realized that the sun was setting and it was time to head home for the evening.  I volunteered to go get Jack who was down the beach a ways from us while Jason stayed with William.

As I walked along I came to an area of the beach with less sand and more vegetation, but my focus was on Jack and what a wonderful day we had experienced together on the beach.  Then I felt an odd sensation on my ankles and I glanced down, and my friends, it was a snake!  A SNAKE!  A FIVE FOOT LONG SNAKE had slithered right across both of my ankles.  I am not a screamer, but I did in fact scream loudly enough that Jack heard me over the crashing of the waves from 400 ft away.  Poor Jack.

I actually experienced shock and couldn’t walk for a few minutes, but Jason has listened to my description of the snake and has repeatedly reassured me that my life was never in danger.  It was a harmless salmon-bellied racer.

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