A Trip to the Zoo

“How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.”- Psalm 104:24

On Wednesday we went to the Valladolid Zoo.  It was delightful and impressive.  I was having a wonderful time taking in all of the exotic creatures like the scarlet macaws,  pumas, crocodiles, monkeys, and jaguars until my beloved husband turned to me and stated in his matter of fact way that all of these “exotic” creatures are indigenous to the area. 

“Indigenous to the area!  These animals can kill my children.  They can’t be indigenous to Valladolid.  They belong in a zoo” were my less than brilliant thoughts.

In that moment I thought I might need to have a quiet lie down near the jaguar enclosure to gather my composure!  I didn’t though, because while jaguars are stunningly beautiful they are also massive, intimidating, and nothing like our neighbors’ cats back home.  They could eat you for breakfast or at least it looks like they could.

After I pulled myself together, we finished our zoo tour.  Jack made friends with the coyote who challenged him to a foot race.

We met an adorable newborn baby peccary that Jack named “Skippy,” because he didn’t walk – he skipped! 

William made friends with the monkeys who spent a long time showing off all of their magnificent climbing skills just for him. 

We met the crocodiles who frankly looked more sinister and hungry now that I know they are my neighbors for the next six weeks.

More than once since we have had our sons, I have declared to Jason that it felt like we were living in a zoo, and apparently now we are!

It is so beautiful here, but we are far from our natural habitat.

Our God’s creativity continues to dazzle and amaze us with its diversity.  We are seeing God’s handiwork everywhere!

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