All God’s Creatures

We arrived safely in Mexico on Friday evening after leaving home dark and early at 5:30 am.  (Thank you Marilyn for the ride to the airport.  It was such a blessing to have a sister in Christ send us off on our adventure to Mexico with lots of warm hugs!)

William loved all of the modes of transportation that came with our long day of travel.  We traveled in a minivan, planes, a train, a bus, a taxi, and by using our feet!  Well, William wasn’t that fond of the walking.  He thinks that we are doing too much of that!  He has suggested more than once that Jason look into renting a car so that we don’t have to do so much of “this exercising stuff.”  I suggested gently and with love that William remember who his parents are and that he keep walking!

Saturday we visited our first Maya archaeological site – Ek Balam.  Jason, Jack, and I were looking forward to exploring the ancient ruins, but William was looking forward to finding some “creatures.”  As it turned out we all had a great time.  The ancient ruins were as impressively beautiful as I remembered them to be and the vegetation just as lush and green, and there were amazing creatures galore.

Just as we entered the archaeological site we encountered our first creature – a tarantula.  I am so thankful that we don’t have creatures of this eight-legged variety wandering around at home.  It seemed huge to me.

Next up came iguana after iguana after iguana.  Ek Balam has a truly impressive population of iguanas.  Everywhere we looked there were iguanas and they were not afraid of us.  We were able to get quite close.  William couldn’t quite believe that the iguanas were just allowed to wander around in the wild like that. 

Resting right next to the acropolis was a beautiful hawk.  It had been injured, but the employees reassured a very concerned William that a vet had been called. 

Finally Jack spotted some very strange wild creatures who were clearly not from Mexico wandering around Ek Balam from his precarious perch at the top of one of the ancient buildings.

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